concerning the papers to be printed in CEMENT WAPNO BETON
Due to the application of digital text setting the editor of the periodical kindly requests the authors delivering the papers to strictly comply with the following guidelines:
1. Scientific and research papers (original works) should not exceed 15 A4 pages in general and other papers (conference papers, elaborations and reviews) 10 pages, including tables and figures. Larger papers can be published if they are edited in several parts by the authors and constituting separate entities.
2. The papers should be sent to, written with WORD word processor while figures and photographs should be of 300 dpi resolution.
3. The text should be typed with double spacing and with wider spacing between paragraphs but without indentations with a left margin of 5 cm. Tables should be placed in appropriate places in the text with the title Table or Tables in the text. The text should also contain figure cations with consecutive figure numbers (in the pause in the text but without leaving spaces for figures). Simple mathematical formulas can be placed in the text verses or, if the formulas are long, in separate verses. The authors should remember to differentiate the letter O from zero 0 and the letter l from 1. In the case of Greek letters it is recommended to give their English names on the margin (e.g. alpha, psi etc.).
4. Links to footnotes should be numbered with Arabic numerals, respectively, above a given word and footnotes are to be at the page bottom.
5. Links to the list of references should be numbered with Arabic numerals, written in the verse and put in round brackets (square brackets should be used to number formulas).
6. Exponents as well as superscripts and subscripts (they must be of the bunk type) should be printed with readable fonts.
7. All pages should be numbered, at the bottom centre, with Arabic numerals.
8. Tables should contain (above them on the left) a consecutive number, written with Arabic numerals with a caption (e.g. Table 3, Chemical composition of cement).
9. Figures comprise all drawings, graphs drafts, photographs, etc. No descriptions should be placed on the figures; these must be contained in the captions.
10. Technical vocabulary, abbreviations, measure units, symbols and mathematical signs should correspond to the Polish standards. No square brackets for symbols are allowed. The authors should use dots as decimal separators as well as the three-digit groups in larger numbers (from 10.000) should be separated with a dot.
11. The list of references should give, in the order of quoting, the initials and surnames of authors without their professional titles and the accepted abbreviation of the periodical name, volume, number of the first page of the paper and, in the brackets, the year of publication. The books should contain the names of authors, title, editor, place and year of publication (without brackets). The conference materials should have the author’s name, paper’s title, volume and page, name and place of the conference, year, editor and year of publication (without brackets). Russian titles should use the accepted principles of editing transcription. Unpublished works should not be cited.
12. To avoid mistakes, the authors are requested to model on our previous volumes.
13. The authors are obliged to check thoroughly their papers before sending out.
14. The authors should attach a short (up to 10 verses) abstract in English. The abstract should present the paper in a concise form with its most important results, especially those placed in the conclusions.
15. At the beginning of the paper, on its left top, the authors should give their titles, names, surnames and the name and address of their institution.
16. When writing to the editor the authors should give their home addresses with postal codes and, (if possible), their phone numbers.
17. The editor does not accept papers published elsewhere at the same time or earlier.
18. The authors of the paper printed in Cement Wapno Beton are given free copy of the volume in which their paper was published.
19. The editor reserves the right to introduce necessary changes and shortenings as well as supplements and stylistic corrections into the paper.
20. The editor does not return any received papers back to the authors.
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