Photocatalytic gypsum plasters – studies of air cleaning properties and selected technical parameters

Numer wydania: 2019/1, strona 10
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The paper presents results of research on the effect of the addition of a new photocatalyst in the form of nitrogen-modified titanium oxide and a commercial photocatalyst in the form of titanium oxide on photocatalytic properties as well as selected technical properties of gypsum plaster. The addition of each photocatalysts allowed to obtain plasters able to purify the air from harmful nitrogen oxides. Addition of 5% of nitrogen-modified photocatalyst increased the water demand of plaster by about 9%, while the commercial photocatalyst increased it by 20% with just 1% addition. While maintaining a constant consistency, the nitrogen- modified photocatalyst reduced the setting time of the plaster, but the commercial photocatalyst increased it. The addition of a nitrogen-modified photocatalyst in the amount of 1% - 3% enables the production of plaster with photocatalytic properties and satisfactory technical properties.