The influence of basalt powder on cement hydration

Numer wydania: 2018/3, strona 167
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In the paper the influence of basalt powder on Portland cement hydration was examined. This basalt powder was the by-product of the production process of basalt aggregate for mineral asphalt mass. In the mineral composition of basalt powder the main component was diopside, on the second place albite and in much lower content analcime and nepheline. The specific surface area measured by BET was 5 m2/g and the specific gravity 2.99 g/cm3. This powder the stable suspension in water was formed and has a very low effect on cement hydration. It increased a little the induction period and the initial setting time in the content of 30% and 40% by mass of cement. As it should be expected it increased also the cement water demand already at 20%. The powder addition had no visible changes on the cement paste microstructure; the outer C-S-H phase is also formed on the surfaces of powder particles. However, the portlandite content is lower which means that the basalt powder has some pozzolanic properties.